Clonlara Campus Meets the Wave of the Future: Introducing the Clonlara Dual Enrollment Program

Blended education is the wave of the future. While blended scheduling is nothing new to Clonlara School, increasing numbers of American schools are getting caught up in this wave—according to this The Journal interview with Heather Staker, Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager at the Innosight Institute, in 2010 four million students were participating in a blended learning curriculum.

Clonlara School’s Dual Enrollment Program was designed with the students’ learning experience in mind. When developing the Clonlara Dual Enrollment program, we identified eight points that we consider crucial aspects of this experience: Options, Blended Scheduling, Flexibility, Strength/Interest-Based Learning, Excellence, Customized Scheduling, Freedom, and Tailored Education.  Available for students of all ages in kindergarten through high school, our program allows for each child to be him- or herself and to learn at whatever pace is natural. The program involves a combination of direct instruction and home school guidance, allowing students to choose how much time they spend on campus and how much is spent learning at home.

The core topics are language arts, math, science, and social studies, but the Dual Enrollment program also makes use of an independent study program, either self-directed or instructor-coached, which allows students to pursue their own interests. Advising is available from certified teachers, and graduating students are issued a private school diploma that’s accepted at top universities. Students learn from experience and by completing projects, which enables them to enjoy freedom balanced with responsibility. In the Dual Enrollment program, they earn three campus credits and up to six home-based credits per year. For tuition and scheduling information, please visit the Programs page on our website or contact the enrollment specialists directly at 734-769-4511 and ask for either Martha or Julia.


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