Clonlara Campus School Answers the Question, “Why Do I Have To Learn This Stuff?

Did you know that school starts up in less than two weeks? The first day of classes on Clonlara’s campus is September 6th, and while we can’t wait to see our students again, we’re also incredibly busy gearing up for another great school year. Will your child be joining us on campus this fall?

If your child is constantly asking “Why do I have to learn this stuff?”, don’t fret—it doesn’t mean your child is lazy, or a bad student. It means that they need instruction that supports this line of inquiry, and encourages exploring how the information they’re taught connects to the world outside the classroom. If your child is creative, confident in being him- or herself, curious, and lively—your child will fit right in at Clonlara School.

Our Campus program focuses on taking a student-centered approach to learning. Though even the child’s coursework can be tailored to his or her abilities, interests, and learning pace, our students don’t learn in an individualized vacuum. They are active members of both the Clonlara campus community and the community at large. These world experiences combined with project work create a well-rounded student who is prepared for both college and a career.

It’s true that our students are well-prepared for the testing and other requirements needed to get into college, but we never force our students to focus on cramming material that will show up on standardized tests. Rather, our students enjoy full intellectual freedom, and learn from day one to take ownership of their educations. As Plato says: “Bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body; but knowledge, when it is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind…”

Intrigued? Please stop by our Quiz for students, and if you get an “A” for two or more items, give us a call or email us to get started on exploring our enrollment process. If after learning more about our program you would like to move forward, there are a couple of steps we can take. If you would like to explore Clonlara with your child before our school year starts, please call us at 734.769.4511 or email us at If classes are in session, we will schedule a campus tour to show you around our facility, meet with program teachers, and answer any specific questions you may have. We then have prospective students participate in a three-day visit: Day One is for observation, and Days Two and Three are for full participation. During this time, prospective students have hands-on experiences in the classroom. It is important that all sides—parents, student, and Clonlara—agree that a Clonlara Campus education is the best fit for the child. If this is the case, we will move forward to an interview, then filling out admissions paperwork and working together to set up the student’s academic plan.

The new school year is almost here, but it’s not too late—come find out how our Campus Program can serve your learner!


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