Student Responses to RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

Fabulous!!!!   Most of us have probably seen this, but someone gave me the great idea of, “get your student’s response.”  So today, we showed this video to a group of about 12 high school students and asked for their response.   These students are in a small, private setting.  In a multi-age, progressive learning environment.   Every student on our campus has an individualized plan that meets their learning needs, styles and interests.  Most of the students chose to respond in short format and/or with a drawing – although that does not mean their response was any less “right” than the students who chose to turn in a written response.  So…..

Watch the video and then see what our kids think.



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Written Responses:

I believe public-school-style teaching is often difficult and sometimes impossible for someone to learn by. There is no individual attention or instructions. Kids are treated as if thousands of them can learn in the exact same way. Here at Clonlara, they understand kids all learn differently. The teachers work hard to find new ways to motivate us to learn. Here we get individual attention. We aren’t handed a text book and we don’t have boring packets of questions shoved down our throats. What we do is look at the credit we needs and choose what we want to learn in each needed subject. The school is completely our own. Personalizing schooling is key. And that’s what Clonlara does.

At Clonlara, we are snowflake kids

All children are not the same. Just like snowflakes, each child is different. In public school, people are treated like cattle. We all start school when we are about 5. School is where we start to “learn”, yet what we are taught in public school is how to memorize things in a book and answer questions when the “correct” answers are in the back – and DONT LOOK!!! But here at Clonlara, we are all doing something different and individual. Our classes are tailored to our learning styles. Most of us here don’t take standardized tests, but we all do projects to show how much we have learned – not just memorized.

These responses summarize that our students seem to feel that have a little bit more freedom here than in other environments (mostly they compared to public school).  We try to teach that with freedom there comes responsibility and accountability.  We try to teach there is consequences to your choices.

WE’D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK!!!  Either about the video or our student’s thoughts.   To see more of our student’s work visit their blog at


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