Twice-Exceptional and Parents of Gifted Students, You Are NOT Alone

Written by Pam Potas, a Clonlara School parent

Our family story begins nearly 3 years before we found Clonlara School.  Our son is a loving and amazing child with an uncanny ability to learn at an accelerated rate but he is wrapped in temperamental behavior.  Out of school, he has a zest for life and learning that is so joyful to see.  However, at school, we were met with stories of anger, frustration, hitting and temper tantrums.  We struggled to understand what was happening with our son.

At the age of 3, a montessori teacher used the word “gifted” to describe our son.  Not understanding what that meant, we read a lot of books.  Then, we began to seek out psychologists, doctors, occupational therapists, nutritionists and anyone else who could help us understand our son and his behaviors.  Officially, our son is called “Gifted, Twice-Exceptional.”  To us, he is a special gift from God.

If you have been blessed with one of these children, you know that time with them is both the most amazing and frustrating times of your life.  I can personally say that I have grown because of him and he has made me a better person.  That is why, when he began suffering horribly in private school, we knew we had to do something.

Clonlara School was one of several schools recommended to us.  After several on-site visits, we found that Clonlara was the one place that would stretch his intellectual skills while also being mindful of the development of the “whole” being.

At Clonlara School, our son is not just an enrollment fee.  He is not judged by the clothes he wears or how he chooses to sit in a chair.  In the eyes of the staff and other students here, our son is an exceptional human being.  He is accepted and embraced for who HE is and for what HE can achieve.  They celebrate his uniqueness while ensuring that these children are getting the academic and life experiences they need to be successful – in THEIR own way.

After all these years of struggling, we have finally found where we belong!



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