Traditional Education vs Alternative Education – A Huge Cultural Shift

Written by Matt D’Alesio, a Clonlara School guest blogger (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***)

For a very long time, there was a general consensus that if you weren’t academically successful at school then you were stupid, if you were getting straight As then that meant you were very intelligent and would go onto great things however if you were failing tests and getting poor scores then you obviously weren’t intelligent and there was something wrong with you.

For decades this unforgiving attitude was the norm, if you didn’t fit the mold then you were blamed for it, not the education system that you didn’t seem to fit into. It took some open minded thinking to realize that one set system of education did not work for everyone, it didn’t mean certain people were incredibly smart or incredibly stupid, it meant they were either well suited or incompatible.

“they can fulfill their potential and not be held back”

This seemingly simple breakthrough tells us two things, that the current education systems work well in the sense that it really suits some people. However for all those other people that don’t fit the standard classroom setting, there needs to be other options available so they can fulfill their potential and not be held back by teaching methods and philosophies that do not suit them.

For those disenfranchised students, there is a huge educational movement that is quickly gathering pace, propelled by positive results and wide acclaim. This education movement is encompassed by one single phrase – Alternative Education. Don’t make assumptions though, the word ‘alternative’ often frightens people due to it’s hippie or liberal connotations.

“education should match a person’s learning style”

Alternative education is not about learning outside whilst holding hands with daisy chains around your head. It is an ethos, not a rigid and set curriculum like traditional education is. It is the belief that there is more than one way to educate people and that education should match a person’s learning style, instead of trying to force them into learning through an adopted style.

Instead of marginalizing a student for not doing well at a subject, alternative education takes the view that this is simply not their strength, instead of placing blame as if it was somehow the person’s fault. Instead of viewing someone as being stupid for doing something badly, it is viewed in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

After all, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company might have poor writing or numeracy skills, does this make them stupid and unintelligent? Of course it doesn’t, it simply means they have weaknesses, so instead of a student feeling bad for failing a test and having their confidence knocked like is usual with traditional education, it is emphasized that it is a weakness, not a fault.

“it is simply tailor-made learning, not a whole new type of education”

Whilst alternative education is based on a completely different set of ideas when compared to traditional educational, the two are still compatible, in the sense that you can still go to college or university, off the back of alternative education. It should be emphasized that it is simply tailor made learning, not a whole new type of education.

If you go to an alternative education high school then you can still get a degree in marketing or whatever sort of degree you want, from a big, reputable college or university. Therefore alternative education will never limit your options and the education you receive is no less valuable than a traditional school in the eyes of a college or university you’ve applied for.

“alternative education is like wearing a bespoke suit instead of hand-me-downs”

In summary, alternative education is like wearing a bespoke suit instead of hand-me-downs, you’re getting a tailor made education that suits your learning style, strengths and weaknesses. Instead of being put on the set, stock conveyor belt of learning that suits some people but not everyone, allowing you every chance to fulfill your potential and be successful.

How many successful people do you know or know of that did “poorly” at school? Probably a lot, they were smart and intelligent all along, just in different ways. So instead of using an education system that blinds you from these strengths, take a step in the right direction and choose education that perfectly fits someone – choose alternative education.

This guest post was written by Matt D’Alesio from MarketingDegreeAdvisor where he offers help and advice on getting a marketing degree, including information on choosing the best marketing school.


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