Standardized Testing is Killing Education

In the past two weeks Michigan schools have conducted the MEAP testing, and this week is make up.  Many students, for various reasons, struggle with MEAP testing.  Sometimes a learning difference or a test anxiety stands in the way of a student performing well, or even attending school on testing days.  We at Clonlara School do not have our students participate in the MEAP, therefore allowing us more teaching time for “real” subjects versus having to “teach to the test.”  Some of our teachers say:

“Not all learning can be measured with a test.  I test is just a snapshot taken at that particular moment.  We don’t want our children to believe this snapshop (test result) defines them.” ~ M. Kopp  “Tests only test what a student doesn’t know.”~ M. Lewison

The rest of this post was written by a guest blogger (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***)

In recent years, an immense amount of focus has been placed on standard test score achievement. While it may appear that scores are improving, in many instances there has been cheating. Otherwise, teachers are devoting so much time to teaching to the test that the rest of a child’s education is lacking. Results on the testing can dictate funding and affect job security, making test performance more important than learning. We are not helping students to succeed. We’re helping them to learn how to fill in the bubble.

Sources point to the differences in performance for poor income areas and minorities. What they never admit is the fact that parent involvement is generally a problem in these poor income districts. If families do not provide a true partnership or demonstrate that education matters, their children are most likely not going to succeed. If children to not have love and meaningful, early childhood experiences, they will always be at a disadvantage.

Alternative Education doesn't Teach to the Test




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