Youngest Entrepreneurs Reflect A Creative Society

This infographic was supplied by Gerri, a Clonlara School guest blogger (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***)

Nice compliment to our February 15, 2013 blog post.


Youngest Entrepreneurs Reflect A Creative Society
Experience still counts for a lot in today’s marketplace, but in an age when electronics and software are such hot commodities, it’s no wonder that the wild, creative minds of youth are profiting so much from today’s economic climate. Taking risks and thinking outside of the box are two things that young people excel at without question, and although these young entrepreneurs must also keep a level head at appropriate times, they’re showing the world a whole new kind of innovation and wealth.
Many of today’s richest young people have developed online products, a relatively new marketplace and industry that older businessmen aren’t familiar with and therefore leave to the younger people to figure it out. Judging from the long list of young millionaires making big bucks from the online website and software world, it’s very much a young man’s game in the tech universe. Take a look at some of the world’s richest, and most creative young lives and see for yourself.

Source: Entrepreneurs Under 30 … -under-30/


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