How to Handle Dyslexia

Written by Sharon Simmons, a Clonlara School guest blogger  (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***)

Dyslexia can cause various learning difficulties because it is a language based learning disability. The symptoms of this disability is a range of learning difficulties. This condition that can affect any person of any age, gender or ethnicity. Most of the time the problems of word recognition is what comes as the very first sign of this condition. The brains of those who suffer from this condition see the words differently than a non-dyslexic person. When an individual found to be having difficulties of reading fluently, writing, misspelling the chances are high that person is having a dyslexic condition. During the childhood sometimes these conditions are not recognized. Then further studies such as handling grammar becomes even harder since they have difficulty of understanding words. Performing mathematical calculations is another common difficulty for dyslexic students.

The dyslexic people often find it difficult to have a clear conversation with the others. As they have problems of handling the language what they say might mean very little or even be taken as gibberish. Often the children who have this condition gets misunderstood as lazy or dumb. This is a really sad situation since they are practically getting punished for a condition they are born with. Also it can affect their personality when they are labelled like this. How much they try they will not be able to improve themselves as it is beyond their personal control. When they grow up this seeps in their thinking and they find themselves to be unsuccessful individuals and that may lead to many other psychological conditions as well.

So it is really important to have them consulted with a qualified professional. If a child is identified with this condition at a very early stage a considerable change can be made to the way the he/she learns and can be trained to learn the way they understand. Sometimes when they read the context does not get to their heads but if they hear the same context they will perfectly understand. So it is mainly a way of understanding their capabilities of grasping and processing information on a personal level. Since it is a neurobiological disorder the way each person react to sound and sight may be unique to each person. Hence the way you treat one dyslexic child may be totally different to the way another child with the same condition will react.

After all adults with dyslexia who happened to get the right guidance can blossom into professional individuals. There are so many engineering, architecture,design and medical professionals who had struggled with their primary education before they got the appropriate attention for their dyslexia. Though it is said that some of those professionals still have difficulty with time management and organization.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this condition. But proper diagnosis and dedication from the family members and friends can help these individuals to learn any subject just like the others and achieve high school or even university education.

About the author:  This is a guest article by Sharon Simmons from Paddington. Sharon is working as a freelance content writer. Currently Sharon is writing some interesting articles about internships in Madrid. Have a look on her Tweets@SharonSimmons90″.


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