Inventing Kindergarten – Kickstarter Project

Written by Scott Bultman a Clonlara School guest blogger  (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***).

Below may be something of interest to some of our readers, either because of the resource and/or because many of us talked about using kickstarter for a project.  After exploring the quick description below and the link – you might be interested in helping Norman out.

Inventing Kindergarten

Norman Brosterman’s Inventing Kindergarten (Abrams, 1997) tells the story of the first system for educating young children by the inventor of Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel. The book shows the origins of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia, and see how this early design education method contributed to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Eames, and the Bauhaus. Brosterman’s popular book has been out-of-print for almost decade (but cited in over 200+ other works) and he’s working to bring it back.  

Visit the kickstarter site specific to Inventing Kindergarten at:

About the Author:  Scott Bultman is the owner of Red Hen, LLC and Froebel USA.  He is also the managing partner of Kaleidograph Design, LLC. 


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