6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Grades

Written by Ruth Dunn, a Clonlara School guest blogger  (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***).

Although grades are not the major focus of our academic environment, they are important to some of our learners and families.  The below tips not only could impact a student’s grades, but also impact participation and engagement (which are important to our entire community).  Never bad skills to practice?!

6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Grades
Getting good grades is a wonderful investment in your future, as high marks set you up for scholarships that help pay for college. You may even be offered a free ride for a great school if your grades are high enough. Here are some tips provided by Shoreline Learning to help you improve your grades.

Get Organized

Write all of your assignments down in a planner as soon as they are given to you. It’s best to list them on the day they due. Refer to your list at least once per week so you don’t forget a project that isn’t due for several weeks. Using a different colour ink for each subject is a great way to organize your assignments. This makes it easy to see which books you need to bring home at the end of each school day. Just turning in your homework on time goes a long way toward improving your grades.

Take Notes

It is easy to get distracted when you’re sitting in class listening to a long lecture, but listening and understanding everything your teacher says is much better for your learning and development. Taking notes forces you to focus on what’s being said. It also gives you something to refer back to when you’re completing a homework assignment or studying for a test.

Read Ahead

Another way to help you focus during a long lecture in class is to read the material before the teacher talks about it. Write down any questions that you have while you are reading the chapter so you can ask the teacher about them later. Understanding the material is key if you want to do well on tests and get good grades on your report cards.

Study With A Group

Studying with a group will help you remember the material and bond with your classmates at the same time. Spend a few hours quizzing each other about everything you learned in class. It’s easier to remember the information you need to know during a test if you have repeated it out loud.

Sit in Front

Sitting in the front of the classroom is helpful for several reasons. One is that it’s easy to get distracted by what’s going on in front of you, so sitting in the front row minimizes distractions. Another reason to sit in the front is because it’s easier for you to see everything the teacher is doing if it’s happening right in front of you.

Talk to Your Teachers

If you find yourself struggling with a class, it’s smart to sit down with the teacher and make a plan to improve your grade. They may offer you extra credit assignments or give you the name of a student who would be willing to tutor you. Teachers are much more willing to work with students who talk to them about improving their grades than those who ignore a worsening grade and aren’t actively working to improve it.


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