Advanced Techniques for Teaching Gifted Children

Written by Tony Buchanan, a Clonlara School guest blogger (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***).

Teaching gifted children could be the most challenging aspect of anyone’s teaching career. Unlike regular classroom-based teaching methodologies that have general theories and practices, having gifted children in class go beyond age and lesson criteria. Many families who have gifted children opt to have them go through private tutoring instead of regular schooling.

Young Einstein.

Because of this, many private tutors also have adapted their own teaching practices and lesson plans to adjust to teaching gifted children in a one-on-one environment. With this, here are a few teaching techniques that could help tutors utilize the learning capabilities of their gifted children.

Familiarize differences among gifted children

Applying knowledge and practices in multiple intelligence learning is a great start to tutoring gifted children. Much like other students, not all gifted children have the same learning curves and absorption to different subjects. This is more apparent in almost savant level children who are inclined to excel in one or two aspects and seem to fail in the others. It is best to have an assessment test done with your student to see where they could perform best. This will help you assist your student further with his strengths while adjusting to his weaknesses.

Hardest to easiest questions

Probably the most anti-norm of regular teaching methods, allow your student to work on the most difficult questions in your homework and have him be challenged by answering them. A majority of gifted children tend to get bored with random type questionnaire for quizzes, homework and projects because they are generally more advanced than their peers. Let them enjoy what they do best through challenging questions and tasks that would not normally be done in a regular classroom.

Give them choices

Gifted children will always have an “expertise”. If you let them identify their interests, you will also find a better way on how to teach them. The best part about private tutoring is that you are not restricted by schedules or set of classes. Let your student make choices on what to do from beginning to end and you will see a difference in their eagerness to learn even on things that they are least interested in. Do not be afraid to also offer higher levels of thinking and allow him to see other options outside of his age and grade group.

Instil some humor

A lot of gifted students have experienced some ridicule or misunderstanding about their level of intelligence especially if they started in a regular classroom setup. This results in a low self-esteem and a sense of banishment from his peers. Change his emotional outlook by encouraging that learning can still have a sense of humor. Do not let make them take lessons too seriously and let them explore creative and fun ways to deliver outputs. Let them take a breather now and then. Ask them what they find fun and amusing or what makes them happy. Let them find out how they can be themselves with you and ultimately around other people so that his mind and talent will not be a burden to himself but a gift for others to enjoy.

About the Author:  Tony Buchanan is a passionate blogger, freelance writer and a regular contributor to several blogs.
He loves reading news and sharing unique articles through his contents.  When Tony is not working, he enjoys music, camping and spending time with his family.


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